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How Utilities of Colorado Springs Be Utilized for Economic Development
Colorado Springs officials are looking into ways how the city's utilities can be used to improve economic development. The Colorado Springs City Council notes that it's worth examination, but...more

Study Finds Pre-College Talk Between Parents and Teens Diminish Drinking Habits
In a handbook developed by Robert Turrisi, professor of biobehavioral health at Penn State, pre-college chats between parents and teens can prevent or lessen heavy drinking habits. Turrisi claims...more

Combining Bikes and Laundry for Social Good
A Philadelphia-based social enterprise, Wash Cycle Laundry, is a three-and-a-half-year-old business that racks up dirty laundry and delivers clean sheets the next day by using economical,...more

Leader of Warren County Economic Development Corporation Plans to Resign
It has recently been reported that Warren County Economic Development Corp. President Vicki Pratt Gerbino will be resigning in two weeks. Gerbino has led the organization since May 2011 and is...more

US Ranks Below Industrialized Countries in Health Care Spending Efficiency
The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and McGill University in Montreal conducted a study that reveals United States health care system ranks 22nd out of 27 industrialized nations when examined...more

Department of Veterans Affairs Grants $3.4 Million to Prevent Homelessness Among Wyoming Vets
The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced $3.4 million to support efforts in preventing homelessness among Wyoming veterans. The funds will be used for housing counseling, legal assistance,...more

New Breed of Social Enterprises Support Innovation in Education
A new breed of social enterprises is pushing efforts to relieve budgetary burdens and deliver inspirational education experiences. Innovation is key to most of these social enterprises: Excite-Ed,...more

Governor Beebe Hops To Europe In A Mission to Bring Businesses to Arkansas
Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, along with Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC), visits Europe with a goal: to attract international businesses and bring them to Arkansas. According to...more

Former Drug Dealer Reaches Out to Homeless
Fabian Bennett, a former alcoholic and meth drug dealer, saw an opportunity to change his life around while working for the Lodestar Day Resource Center in Phoenix. Bennett is now an engagement...more

LaPorte County Council Approves Economic Development Funds
The Laporte County Council has recently voted to approve funding for the new Laporte County Office for Economic Development. The commissioners requested nearly $200,000 but a lesser amount was...more

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