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Syracuse Hackathons Spur Student Civic Engagement
The Syracuse community hackers will host several hackathons, which include ProLiteracy and two Hack Upstate hackathons. These hackathons have civic-minded missions focused on building solutions to...more

Needing to Address Lack of Diversity in Social Enterprise Leadership
Regardless of the positive growth and success of the social enterprise sector, there is still a need to address the lack of diversity in its leadership. Peter Holbrook, chief executive of Social...more

HHS Invests Nearly $5.3 Million Grants in Rural Health Workforce, Telehealth
The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) will be investing nearly $5.3 million in grants to train a rural health workforce and strengthen support for the use of telehealth services for...more

Maryland Zoo Holds Annual Volunteer Search
The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore has recently announced that its annual volunteer search is already well underway. Zoo Manager Tim Williams said that this year they are looking for people who have a...more

Jr. Crime Stoppers Volunteer at Salvation Army to Help People in Need
Jr. Crime Stoppers from Stone Middle School volunteered their time to assemble items for people in need. The North Lamar students gathered packets that included toothpaste, soap, shampoo and...more

Study Finds Low-Income Neighborhoods Most Likely to Care about Their Communities
A University of Missouri study called "Which Factor has More Impact? An Examination of the Effects of Income Level, Perceived Neighborhood Disorder, and Crime on Community Care and Vigilance Among...more

New CoC VP to Focus More on Job Creation
Newly appointed Vice President of Chamber of Commerce (CoC) and Council for Economic Research at the Gainesville Area, Susan Davenport, seeks to create jobs while capitalizing on area strengths to...more

Education and Workforce Committee Works to Advance House Bill
A bill that streamlines various federal workforce programs, including the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is being move to the House floor within a week by the House Education and Workforce Committee....more

Reducing Growth and Cutting Cost of the Federal Prison System
Federal prison has seen a rise of inmates, the growth at great expense to taxpayers and other important fiscal priorities. The rapid increase in prison population is that more people are sentenced...more

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneur Gains 15 Lessons Learned from Kickstarter Project

Social Entrepreneur Gains 15 Lessons Learned from Kickstarter Project
Meredith Ramirez Talusan, social entrepreneur and co-founder of the Ricefield Collective, gained 15 lessons from her experiences...

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